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Butterfly Release 


Enhance your celebration with a live butterfly release. Releasing live butterflies is an indescribably unique experience.  Their ethereal beauty and graceful flight  inspire wonder and delight to young and old alike.  You and your guests will never forget the magical appearance of these majestic fluttering beauties.


Butterfly breed currently available for release in Alaska: Painted Ladies



Live butterfly centerpieces will surprise and delight your guests.  Our team arranges centerpieces as terrariums and have used vases, jars and even lanterns to create a sophisticated centerpiece that is sure to impress. 


*Please ask for quote specific to your event.






Our packages are all inclusive, meaning we take care of everything! We currently offer two butterfly release options:

-Our "Just Right" package includes 50 Painted Ladies. This is just right for most events.

-Want to go grand? Double the effect with 100 butterflies!


  • -Butterflies prepped in one mass release box

  • -Release box included

  • -Shipping to Alaska; arrive day before your event 

  • -Necessary permits for transporting live insects into Alaska

  • -Trained handlers to feed, prep and care for your butterflies so they are prepared for their debut

  • -Onsite delivery

  • -Foliage and bridal flowers prepped with butterfly food to encourage butterflies to stay in the area



         50 Painted Ladies - $350.00    


         100 Painted Ladies - $500.00





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