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  • Is photography included?
    Photography is a very personal service and we believe our clients should have the freedom to select the photographer who is the best fit for their style and budget. While photography services are not included in our packages, upon booking us we provide you a carefully vetted list of local photographers and videographers who provide exceptional service. From there we get to know each of our clients so we can make further personal recommendations based on their style and budget.
  • Are you religious, non religious or LGBTQIA friendly?"
    Yes absolutely. We want nothing but the very best for you. You can expect to have the very best experience, which is friendly, affirming, loving and personalized to your specific needs.
  • How do we avoid bad weather?
    You don't. Anything could be happening on any given day. Alaska is a fickle lover. She is untamed, wild and unpredictable. It is part of why we Alaskans love her so much. A good photographer will know how to use the weather, lighting and even wind to capture unique and dramatic images, which is an important reason to hire the right photographer. Additionally, it is important for couples to have a spirit of adventure, and be ready to greet whatever comes your way. We have witnessed many beautiful and heartfelt elopements with amazing photography on days with bad weather, all because the couple had a great attitude and a professional photographer.
  • How do I get my marriage license?
    It depends on your ceremony location. Upon booking our services we will send you a step-by-step guide to getting married in Alaska with details on where, when, and how to apply for a marriage license. Your coordinator is also available to answer questions.
  • What weather patterns can we expect throughout the year?
    Our weather patterns are changing and becoming less predictable, but you may expect: January - February: can be anywhere between 40F to -40F March - April: tends to be warming up, with snow, rain, and even mud. We tend to have one of our last snows of the year in April May: less predictable, could have green grass and flowers or snow and mud June - July: these are our ideal summer months with sun, green grass and flowers in bloom. Our floral farms typically start harvesting flowers in very late June and early July August: tends to be a bit on the rainy side, especially toward the end of the month. We have many local flowers in bloom at this time September: tends to have less rain and gorgeous fall colors, especially in the first half of the month. There may still be local flowers in bloom October: usually starts snowing with off and on snow and grey skies November - December: tends to have snow and warmer temperatures around freezing
  • What does elopement photography cost in Alaska?
    Of the people we recommend we have some lower budget photographers as well as some higher budget ones. We have seen pricing range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more. Upon booking our services, we will send you a list of local professional photographers who specialize in elopement photography.
  • What is your deposit?
    We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to retain our services. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to your event.
  • Can I bring my own photographer?
    You can use whomever you wish for photography, though we have some great insight and experience to share regarding what to look for in an elopement photographer. Please ask, we are happy to help.
  • Can I bring my own officiant and/ or witnesses?
    Yes you can! This is what you get when you don't book a wedding-in-a-box! Flexibility to choose only the services you need. We are prepared to assist you, in what ever capacity you need. We are ordained and as an option we can assist you with writing a personalized ceremony service. You can also bring your own officiant. Due to Alaska's laws, it is very likely we will have to process additional documents on your behalf, in person at the court house for you to use your own officiant. We have included this in our fee. If you would like to bring your own witnesses - we offer both elopements for couples and elopements with guests. Please ask to see our elopement packages with guests, or our wedding planning services.
  • What areas of Alaska do you service? Do you travel?
    We are based in the Anchorage area and are available to travel anywhere in Alaska or the world. We have many amazing elopement locations within 2 hours of Anchorage. Our process walks you through finding the perfect venue or location for your elopement. Ask us about our reasonable travel fees.
  • Is transportation included?
    Most clients rent their own vehicle so they have flexibility to arrive and depart at their own pace. Several of the helicopter companies will provide a shuttle service to their location for an additional fee. While transporation fees are not included, working with us to find the best transportation options for your needs is included. More and more clients are using uber for transportation and occassionally, couples arrange ahead of time to hop in our personal vehicles with us. Please speak to your elopement coordinator about options upon booking our services.
  • What is the next step?
    Fill out our contact form on our contact page to get started. We will send you a brochure of the many elopement packages we offer. Ask us for a proposal for the elopement service you are most interested in. We will send you a live booking link which includes the contract to sign and a way to make a deposit of 50% to retain our services for your date.
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