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Full Wedding Planning



Share all your wedding dreams with us, participate as you wish, and soak up the rest of your engagement season – as stress free as possible. Our creative experts will help you define your style and achieve your idea of a perfect wedding.  


We handle everything from finding your dream team venue and vendors, to making floor plans and addressing all logistical items. You can expect meticulous details that have been checked and rechecked, comprehensive guidance and an expert planner who will create a beautiful day as well as a seamless guest experience. Your planner is on-site on your wedding day to execute everything exactly as you envisioned. 




The other side of wedding planning is design and styling. We start the process by getting to know you, your budget and style. We pull together a collection of color palettes, mood boards and inspiration images that capture your overall vision. From there we bring on talented vendors we have vetted and know will execute your wedding down to the finest detail, from stationers to florists, to experts in lighting.   


Then, we dig into the details. We find the perfect linens and rentals to tie everything together and curate various elements to make the perfect table scape. We specialize in personalized touches that make your wedding day feel just that - yours. 



You should know...

Hi! I am Rebecca Kopperud, the owner and founder of La Boum Events. Full service planning is my specialty and you will be working with me exclusively; therefore, there are a few things you should know.  


I will laugh with you and care about your wedding. I will ensure it is the most fun and special day of our life. I will care about you, your wedding and your marriage. I will care about your family and friends, because if they are important to you, they are important to me as well. 

I will care about all of the little details. Whether it is fluffing your dress, helping you go to the bathroom, crying during your vows, rocking your baby, rubbing your tired dancing feet, waiting on you, ensuring that everything is just so, or just being your friend on a really big day in your life, I will care about you and I will treat your wedding like it is my own.


And lastly, you should know, that you’ll be leaving with a friend at the end of all of this.

xoxo - Rebecca 

**We offer full planning services for the wedding day, or for a whole wedding weekend of activities. Ask to see our full service brochure




Where can I even begin? Rebecca and staff at La Boum Events are truly phenomenal. We had them plan our wedding and every single detail was what we wanted. She made it her mission to make our day exactly what we asked for, and it totally was! The only big stress I had on my wedding day was getting my little baby to sleep, and she even took him and rocked him for me. That just says a lot about her kind heart and character.


Thank you so much, for pouring your heart and soul into making our day absolutely unforgettable! You and your team are the absolute best at what you do!


I just wanted to say that you did such an amazing job with our wedding. It was exactly how I pictured it in my mind and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything was absolutely beautiful and it was literally the best day of our lives together. We want to relive it over and over again!

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