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Alaska Glacier Elopement in Blues + Burnt Orange

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Melissa and Robert married out at Matanuska Glacier with our completely unique elopement experience. Couple's who are considering an elopement, are already thinking outside-of-the-box, so why would we give you a generic elopement?

Many of the glacier packages that are available out there are just that. Many vendors believe that to reduce your stress with planning, what you need is an all-inclusive package.

We used to do this as well. But take it from us. When you take away options, you take away all the personalization and creativity. What you are left with is the same-old-same-old, but you don't get any of that with us!

We took an entire helicopter with just furniture, florals and decor out to create a gorgeous and very personalized experience just for Melissa and Robert. I hope you enjoy looking over these images, just keep in mind that this what this couple selected. With us, couples are given choices to have exactly what they want. It is about having time and space together in nature, but also having a celebration that still feels like a wedding.

Alaska glacier elopement with blue and burnt orange color scheme
Photo credit: Park Life Films

See the entire wedding film below:

Alaska elopement film presented by Park Life Films

Fully customized Alaska styled elopement for two
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Elopements are so special because you get to have fun, focus on the two of you, and set the pace for how you want the day to feel. For Melissa and Robert, they stayed at these beautiful cozy cabins with a stunning view overlooking the Matanuska Glacier.

They had breakfast together and then while Melissa did hair and make up, Robert dressed and headed out with Park Life Films to capture his handsome look.

Rustic groom in Alaska with mountain background. Fully customized Alaska elopement for two.
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Buttoning up all those tiny buttons!

Alaska wedding planner, Rebecca Kopperud with La Boum Events. Luxury elopement planner, officiant and florist
Photo credit: Park Life Films

The first look

Alaska outdoor elopement with mountain views for two
Photo credit: Park Life Films

The bridal bouquet had a little locket wrapped around the stem with a photo of the couple's little girl.

laughing bride, enjoying Alaska elopement, mountain backdrop
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Groom overlooking mountain valley with glacier at private property for exclusive Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Park Life Films

helicopter with groom for exclusive transportation to Alaska glacier for ceremony
Photo credit: Park Life Films

We took multiple helicopters out to the ice. While I worked on setting up the ceremony and mini-reception for two, the couple headed out with their photo and video team, along with an amazing guide to keep them safe and show them all the best spots.

They got amazing couple photos and then came back in time for a short, but heartfelt ceremony.

Rare water fall on glacial ice is the perfect and private location for an Alaska elopement ceremony
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Private glacier location for two with rare water fall
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Enjoy, laugh, relax and take in the day with a glacier elopement in Alaska
Photo credit: Park Life Films

After a short ceremony right in front of this gorgeous glacial water fall, we popped some champagne and the couple toasted each other. They then moved over to this gorgeously styled wedding table for cake.

Wedding cake for two, a fully custom table setting in blue and burnt orange with custom flowers and antique touches

Hand painted wedding cake menu with custom geode napkin rings
photo credit: Park Life Films

Ghost chairs and vintage wood table with touches of blue and burnt orange is the perfect decor for this Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Melissa and I worked together to really capture her theme and style. Everything you see, we include in our design services. As long as we own the items, our clients may select from our decor to create their own unique look. I have also had clients mail us specific decor pieces, or upgrade to rent from other decor rental providers.

I hand painted the natural paper menus and created all of the floral pieces.

Dramatic glacier peaks are the perfect backdrop for Alaska elopement couple to celebrate their marriage ceremony
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Here we are finalizing the paperwork

Our in house officiant assist you with filling out your Alaska marriage certificate correctly and provides you with the required witness
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Then it was time to load back up and head back to base. The couple choose to stay overnight and did a glamping experience out on the ice!

Private property, exclusive location overlooking Alaska glacier, simple venue with stunning mountain views
Photo credit: Park Life Films

Discover something different. Discover our unique process. If a big wedding isn't for you, then a cookie-cutter all-inclusive elopement that isn't tailored to you, shouldn't be for you either!

"It was the perfect day!"
- Melissa



Elopement planner: Rebecca with La Boum Events

Florist: La Boum Events

Photographer and Videographer: Park Life Films

Cake: Ak Wedding Cake

Make Up Artist and Hair - Mary Alice

Guide & Glamping Experience: MICA Guides

Helicopter: Sheep Mountain Lodge

I hope I have inspired you to have your very own Alaska elopement with a styled sweet heart table so you can enjoy some wedding traditions like cake and champagne. Shades of blue and a pop of oranges is always fun and looks great in the Alaska landscape. I want nothing less for you than to be able to relax and enjoy an intimate Alaska elopement with your heart wide open so you can focus on each other.

Learn about our styled Alaska elopements with a sweet heart table to enjoy some wonderful wedding traditions worth keeping here:

To book me for your elopement by filling out our CONTACT form to get started.

xoxo - Rebecca .

Rebecca Kopperud, Alaska's number one wedding and special event planner


Hey there! I am Rebecca Kopperud, a born and bred Alaskan, as well as the owner and chief designer behind La Boum Events.

Are you thinking about eloping? Good! I think eloping is incredibly romantic and brave. It is throwing out the rule book, and putting the focus back on the two of you, where it belongs. Eloping is a movement that has been growing over the past few years. For many, it is a decision that corrects a host of issues presented by the wedding industry, and allows for a genuine celebration of a big life moment. As a wedding planner I don’t want to be a part of the problem, I want to be a part of the solution. And I want to support you.

I have been in business offering unique elopements in Alaska for years, long before it became popular. We have developed sought after industry connections, and a quality of service that is unsurpassed. You simply won’t find a one-size-fits-all elopement here. Everything truly is about you, and your special day.

We take on a limited amount of clients, so we can focus on personalization and quality. We offer a completely unique, unbundled experience so you can have exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do.

Does this resonate with you? To learn more about our elopement services for couples, fill out our COUPLE ONLY ELOPEMENT INQUIRY FORM to get started.


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