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Change of Plans: Love Wins!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Today we are setting the stage, so to speak, with a styled shoot to inspire you to make those wedding plans in a post-Covid-19-world.

I wanted this message to appeal to a wide audience, so I invited multiple photographers to put their own personal spin and interpretation at the venue and the styling. We have dark and moody with Chelsa-J Photography timeless color with Love Adventured and light and bright images with Rachel Tweggs Photography to capture your imagination no matter your lighting preference.

I hope you see yourself here in Alaska, relaxing by the lake. Mountains in the background in the land of the midnight sun as you savor the fresh air. Take in the peace, and the quiet. Put aside all of the uncertainty and remember that love is always the answer. Love wins!



Planner & Designer: Rebecca Kopperud with La Boum Events @laboumeventsak

Venue: Meier Lake Resort @meier_lake


Rachel Tweggs Photography @racheltweggsphotography

Love Adventured @love_adventured

Chelsa J Photography @chelsajay

Floral Design: Amber Lanphier @ladylanphier with Love Adventured and Rebecca Kopperud with La Boum Events @laboumeventsak Bridal Attire: Bateau Bridal Boutique @bateaubridalboutique

Model: Rachel Saldana @ak_rachelsaldana

Men's Styling: Steve Solari with Meier Lake Resort @meier_lake

Wedding Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery @midnightsuncakery

Table Linens: Special Events Alaska @specialeventsalaska Rentals: La Boum Events @laboumeventsak

Local Beers: Bleeding Heart Brewery @bleeding_heart_brewery

Local Alaska Tulips: All Dahlia'd Up Flower Farm @all_dahliad_up

Lingerie: DuJour Fashion @dujour_fashion_907

Beauty Products: Cloud 9 Day Spa @cloud9.dayspa

Locally Made Earrings: Bering Sea Designs @beringseadesigns Bridal Face Mask: Playful Souls Photography @playfulsoulphotography

Car Window Art: Star Dust Dezignz

Photo credit: Chelsa J Photography @chelsajay; Shoes and jewelry: Bateau Bridal Boutique @bateaubridalboutique; Beauty products: Cloud 9 Day Spa @cloud9.dayspa; Planner, designer and signage: Rebecca Kopperud with La Boum Events @laboumeventsak

Social distancing is temporary. Love is permanent. Venue @meier_lake; Shoes and jewelry: @bateaubridalboutique; Beauty products @cloud9.dayspa; planner, designer and signage @laboumeventsak; Photo @chelsajay


Covid-19 rocked our world this spring and with it, summer 2020 wedding plans came to a screeching halt. I personally watched in horror as our entire season completely vanished. I talked with multiple brides who, through tears, explained they had to cancel their weddings due to lost jobs. Another bride shared that her wedding dress had arrived but was locked up in the bridal shop in her hometown. The doors were shuttered and their town and state were in lockdown, much like us in Alaska at the time. She had no idea when she would ever get her dress. She kept apologizing to me and saying that it was "silly" to be so upset over her dress. How could she move forward with wedding plans when she didn't even know when she could pick up her wedding dress? None of these things are silly. They are serious and important. Things that are important to you, are important to me, and they are important to the many creatives behind the wedding industry. We put our heart and souls into making a beautiful experience for your one special day.

Change of plans 2020 - Love wins! Shoes and jewelry @bateaubridalboutique; Beauty products @cloud9.dayspa; Planner, designer and signage @laboumeventsak; Men's look styled by Steve Solari with @meier_lake; Photo @love_adventured


During this time of uncertainty, I got a call from Steve Solari at Meier Lake Resort. We exchanged notes: we were in the same boat. Alaska was under "hunker down" orders, so no one was out and about. We were all stuck at home. Steve was eager to do something creative. My schedule was suddenly wide open, so I invited a few other incredible vendors to participate in a styled shoot.

I hope you enjoy seeing these beautiful images, but I also hope that you are inspired. Love is not canceled. Your wedding might be on hold. Your big day might not look like what you originally envisioned, but you can have an incredible experience. You might even have something better than you originally imagined.

Hand sanitizer and face masks were probably not part of your vision for your big day. But what if they were beautiful? Handcrafted earrings @beringseadesigns; Bridal face mask @playfulsoulphotography; Beauty products @cloud9.dayspa; Planner, designer and signage @laboumeventsak; Photo @love_adventured

Bridal face masks by @playfulsoulphotography. The first design was to provide safety masks for the general public because most masks were provided to front line workers. After wearing a cotton mask for a week, Lauren, the creative and designer behind the bridal face masks realized she couldn’t wear any makeup while wearing a face mask. It would just rub off. She wanted women to still feel beautiful even without their makeup. Hopefully, these gorgeous masks will encourage people to wear a face mask more often. Thus protecting themselves and everyone around them. Bridal face mask @playfulsoulphotography; Photo @love_adventured


Does Covid-19 have you changing your summer 2020 wedding plans? Good news!


Now by open, there are a few caveats that our local government has put in place in order to keep everyone safe. See mandates here. I have also listed 27 tips and recommendations for Alaska events in response to Covid-19, which can be read here.

A few things are required of a venue to be at full capacity for an event in Alaska this 2020 season. Meier Lake Resort is a wonderful venue, a short drive from the historic town of Palmer, AK. They have a frisbee disc golf course around the property and a beautiful lake, with boats lining the sandy beach. A fire pit is ready for you to relax and play with friends. Wake up on your big day in one of their beautiful cabins. Get ready on your own private deck as you listen and watch area birds and wildlife.

Sun-drenched beach in Alaska? Yes please! Hold your private event on this 122-acre property close to downtown historical Palmer. Venue @meier_lake; Photo @racheltweggsphotography

Modern Alaska venue @meier_lake is the perfect backdrop for an elegant ceremony and a fun reception. Bridal bouquet and planning @laboumeventsak; shop local wedding dresses @bateaubridalboutique; wedding dress designer @wtoowatters; bride @ak_rachelsaldana; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Refreshed and at peace at @meier_lake; rustic bridal bouquet and planning @laboumeventsak; shop local wedding dresses @bateaubridalboutique; wedding dress designer @wtoowatters; bride @ak_rachelsaldana; photo @chelsajay


Sparkle inside and out. Get ready for your wedding day with foundation garments and lingerie from @dujour_fashion_907. Handcrafted Alaska made earrings from sea otter @beringseadesigns; styling @laboumeventsak; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Chic and comfortable foundation garments and lingerie. Beautiful from head to toe and everywhere underneath with DuJour Fashion in downtown Palmer. A change of plans doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. Lingerie @dujour_fashion_907; handcrafted Alaska made earrings from sea otter @beringseadesigns; premium skin and self-care @cloud9.dayspa; planner and styling @laboumeventsak; photo @chelsajay


High-end lingerie and foundation garments from @dujour_fashion_907 for your wedding day and wedding night. Soak in the individual private cabins tucked into the trees @meier_lake. Styling @laboumeventsak; photos @racheltweggsphotography

Bridal skin luminous and luxurious. Shop local for premium skin and self-care @cloud9.dayspa. Sea otter earrings from Juneau to add that Alaskan touch to your wedding wardrobe @beringseadesigns. Planner and styling @laboumeventsak; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Love the shower house @meier_lake. Modern design in a rustic natural environment. Photo @love_adventured


His! Get ready handsome. Alaska style. Styled by Steve Solari @meier_lake; Photo @chelsajay


Forests of birch, fire pits, cabins and water sports @Meier_Lake has everything for your man. Don't miss the 18-hole PDGA championship frisbee disc course that circles the property. Photo @love_adventured

Local handcrafted earrings for that uniquely Alaskan look. Carley Thayer is the creative maker behind the design. An Aleut from Unalaska, Alaska, she currently resides in Juneau. Inspired by the ocean and traditional practice of harvesting Sea Otter by her Alaska native ancestors, Carly began Bering Sea Designs. Traditional material meets modern design. She loves using mixed media to create unique pieces; like her current line of earrings, which use sea otter fur with bronze and copper accents. Carly is especially intrigued by the natural ombré of the sea otter fur, which she loves to highlight in her work. Earrings @beringseadesigns; photo @love_adventured

Handcrafted: to make skillfully by hand. Hand torn papers, ribbon hand-painted with care from dye made from local beets, and birch foraged by @laboumeventsak; Local tulips raised with care by @all_dahliad_up. #shoplocal Photo @love_adventured


Covid-19 has you changing plans? What if change was better than you originally planned? Alaska is open for business and doing what we can to keep people safe. Whether a local staycation or Alaska destination wedding, consider an elopement or a micro-wedding @meier_lake where accommodations are included. All-inclusive packages take the headache out of what has been a year of surprises. Invitation and styling @laboumeventsak; jewelry @bateaubridalboutique; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Kindly reply: social distancing, 6' apart but together? Skype in? What does your post-Covid-19 wedding invite look like for grandparents and immunocompromised guests? A wedding planner can assist you with thoughtful and safe solutions to minimize risk in our post-Covid-19 world. Planning, invite design and styling @laboumeventsak; jewelry @bateaubridalboutique; photo @love_adventured


Rustic Alaska details doesn't just have to be birch bark and moss, add surprising details like this foraged feather from local wild turkeys. Planning, invite design and styling @laboumeventsak; jewelry @bateaubridalboutique; photo @chelsajay


Locally sourced. #shoplocal is not just for pandemics. It is always good to know where your "stuff" comes from. Support local small businesses and you support dreamers and creatives, not big corporations. Planning, invite design and styling @laboumeventsak; jewelry and shoes @bateaubridalboutique; skin care @cloud9.dayspa; sea otter earrings @beringseadesigns; bridal face mask @playfulsoulphotography; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Pale champagne layers in this WTOO gown by Watters @wtoowatters is stunning against the natural Alaska landscape from @bateaubridalboutique. This rustic bridal bouquet includes forged greens, and local spring tulips from @all_dahliad_up; bride @ak_rachelsaldana; planner @laboumeventsak; photo @racheltweggsphotography


Stay cozy on cool Alaska summer evenings with this faux fur wrap and this flowing @wtoowatters gown from @bateaubridalboutique. Locally grown tulips from @all_dahliad_up are show stoppers in this nature-inspired spring bouquet by @laboumeventsak; bride @ak_rachelsaldana; photo @love_adventured