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Comparing Wedding Coordination Services

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

So, you’ve decided to hire a day-of-wedding coordinator so you can enjoy your wedding day, play with your girlfriends in the morning and love on your fiancé later.

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Excellent! Now to hire someone...

We get calls at La Boum Events all the time for a day-of-wedding coordinator, but you’ll notice we don’t offer just day-of-wedding coordination services. We often get asked why we don’t offer this service and why our wedding management coordination can cost more than the day-of-wedding coordination of our competitors.

The simple answer is this: we don’t like to court disaster with our weddings.

When we first started La Boum Events we did offer day-of-services, but after a few day-of events, we quickly realized that showing up on the day of the wedding was a recipe for disaster. As a planner and wedding coordinator, we realized preparation gave us the peace of mind knowing that we could execute the couple’s wishes.

Now we offer wedding management a coordination service. Here’s why hiring our wedding management guarantees your wedding success, while day-of-wedding coordinators can spell disaster.

Our Wedding Management Coordinators meet with the couple and review every event detail

Meeting with your wedding coordinator before the wedding and finalizing all of the details with them, allows your wedding coordinator to be “in-the-know” about the smallest details of your wedding. These consultations are critical for the wedding coordinator to get a feel for you and your vision for your wedding. It is also an excellent time for them to go over your vendor lists. For coordinators that only show up on the day of the wedding, they are ill-prepared because they won’t be going in to your wedding with your vision in mind or have had these consultation preps to know what to expect from the vendors.

Our Wedding Management Coordinators take the time to triple check your plans with all of your vendors

Your coordinator will review your plans with your vendors and make sure that no oversights have been missed and that vendors know when and where they need to be. I have seen a wedding where the couple didn’t realize that neither the caterer or the bartending company provided water. While the couple had purchased plenty of booze for the celebration, they did not remember to provide alternatives to those who don’t imbibe. From time to time we come across new caterers that don’t take into account the lack of power and water supply at many popular Alaskan venues during their meal planning. Wedding planners catch these little details that can have incredibly devastating impact on your wedding day. Day-of-coordinators, on the other hand, are thrown into the melee of vendors and need to troubleshoot on site, without careful preparation beforehand.

Our Wedding Management Coordinators see the big picture

Giving your wedding coordinator a month prep time includes them in your planning world, which means they can clearly understand what you want for your wedding. It also gives the wedding coordinator a chance to patch up any missing holes in your planning process: perhaps you ordered tables, but not linens or you made a reservation for 200 cupcakes but forgot to order the extra forks. Wedding planners get to catch these things in advance, rectify the situation, without you even breaking a sweat. Day-of-coordinators usually are running triage on these kinds of situations which leads to more stress for you, the wedding party, your vendors, and your wedding coordinator. Additionally, vendors complain to us that when they work with day of coordinators, they feel that they spend their whole time just trying to play catch up with the coordinator, and it would have been cheaper and easier on everyone if the vendor had just done the work themselves.

Our Wedding Management Coordinators get a chance to rehearse

The rehearsal should not be overlooked for how crucial it is to iron out any last minute snags. Having your wedding coordinator there allows the coordinator to meet the wedding party, help the officiant with last minute details, and in general help everyone feel comfortable with their roles for the following day. It also gives the coordinator a chance to go over last minute checklists, and run over the following day schedule with the wedding party and officiant. At La Boum Events, we run the rehearsal because it gives us the opportunity to meet the wedding party and have them know they can come to us with any questions. Many day-of-coordinators charge extra to attend the ceremony rehearsal, which is a bit like asking a conductor to play the piece without a rehearsal or sheet music. The performance will always suffer.

Finally, before hiring the day-of-coordinator, consider the differences in services you are offered between our wedding management coordinator versus a day-of-wedding coordinator. Sure we will cost you a bit more, but then again, they will be doing twice as much stuff for you and give you the peace of mind that your wedding will go off without a hitch.

Compare Wedding Coordination Services

***Many coordinators reduce the cost of their service by:

NOT attending the ceremony rehearsal

Leaving before the end of wedding and not cleaning up or helping with gifts

NOT calling vendors ahead of time

Just coordinating day of services without consultations or venue research

Working with our Wedding Management Coordinator offers you a very thorough service and a seamlessly executed wedding. As a wedding coordinator, this level of preparation guarantees that we won’t be trying to track you to down to ask you questions or bother you on your big day so you can focus on your friends, family, and spouse-to-be.

"As the mother of the bride, I knew I needed help with my daughter's wedding, but didn't even know what to ask for! My dream was for the wedding to go off without a hitch, and that all the key members of the wedding party and family could just relax and enjoy the day. I can say with all sincerity that this was the best decision I made...The ceremony and reception were PERFECT! Not one problem. Everyone, including me, relaxed and enjoyed this most blessed event. I am eternally grateful. I will recommend LaBoum to everyone I know." - Kathleen
"La Boum did the most amazing job! Very organized and detail oriented! I am a perfectionist and felt completely at ease with her running the show. You cannot get a better coordinator. Our wedding day went perfectly all due to her efforts. I am beyond impressed with the quality of yourself a favor and hire them to take care of your wedding! You will not regret it :)" - Krys
"La Boum provided some really helpful ideas and organizational tools. For example, there was a worksheet regarding what we were looking for in our wedding. It was detailed, and was definitely helpful in considering aspects of the wedding that might not have otherwise crossed my mind. It was precisely because an event coordination services have this sort of experience and expertise that I was glad to be able to work with La Boum." - Kate


I hope this helps you to understand the value of our services and the apples to oranges comparison of our services to competitors. We wish you the very best as you are shopping for wedding services and vendors.

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Hi, I am Sarah Alborn!

Onsite wedding coordination is my speciality. I love hearing your vision for your day, and pulling everything together with the finishing touches just right, so you can relax and party on your big day.

Truly, I love all things wedding. It is pretty much a guarantee that I will cry, it happens every time. I put my whole heart into every event. I am 100% invested and committed to making your special day as stress free and fun as humanly possible.

I look forward to finalizing the details of your big day and delivering a unique and memorable experience. Being a part of your most important moment is special to me, I look forward to making it special for you.

xo, Sarah

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