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A Winter Viking Inspired Elopement in Alaska

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Meet Alicia and Weston! Two of my favorite people. They eloped on 2.20.2020 which was a super popular date and thankfully happened before the pandemic hit. We were all still so blissfully unaware of how horrible 2020 was going to be. Getting to work with amazing, super fun couples like this who are so deeply and truly in-love carries me through difficult times running a business based on humans gathering together.

Alaska snowy winter elopement with a Nordic, Viking theme
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Through the planning process I really dig in deep and talk to my couples about their lives together so that their wedding day, yes even a small elopement, represents them and their story, their style and interests.

Rea; Alaska styled winter elopement
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Alicia told me this amazing story about how they are Mets fans. They flew out to see the spring training and stopped at a coffee shop before the first game. Weston grabbed the newspaper (like he always does) and low and behold - he had taken out an entire full page ad in the paper.

Alicia described the ad as a cheesy love letter with personal inside jokes and ended with Weston getting down on one knee and proposing. It was deeply personal and heartfelt. Totally them and perfect.

Groom in brown tweed with natural pinecone boutonniere for a winter Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

So clearly I needed to work hard to ensure their elopement was totally them and perfect!

I partnered with Tina at Wild Poppy AK on the florals and her daughter handmade this arch just for this elopement. Alicia wanted a non-traditional arch, something with a geometric shape. I suggested doing this triangle shape, because it mimics the mountains and I think it looked amazing in this snowy landscape with the mountain peak in the background.

Triangle arch with orange, brown and pink flowers, moose and caribou antlers in snowy mountain
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

The morning of their elopement dawned nice and snowy. We were originally going to do it in Girdwood, but there had been a lot of snow over the season. The week before I had styled a surprise marriage proposal in the same area and had to wade through deep snow to get to the scenic spot I wanted. I was bringing in quite a bit of stuff for Alicia and Weston and I knew our original location wasn't going to work. So we change locations last minute and I am so glad we did!

We try to plan ahead and work with what we know. The last few years we haven't had as much snow, so the location I picked had been working really well. Maintaining flexibility is really important when having an outdoor elopement in Alaska. And don't forget - working with professionals who know the area and can recommend a different location with a different weather pattern so you can move forward with your special day seamlessly instead of fighting against Alaska winter weather (which will win every single time, LOL!)

Last minute Hannah with Relic Photographic suggested this location along the river which was about 1.5 hrs north of our original location and it ended up being perfect.

Alaska snowy winter elopement at Eklutna Tail Race
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

After having a relaxing morning getting ready in their Girdwood cabin with professional hair and make up artists, Alicia and Weston drove North to meet me and Hannah for their gorgeous styled winter elopement with nods to a Nordic Viking design.

This couple, like so many couples, choose to write their own vows to each other. They each separately sent their vows to me ahead and I printed on beautiful, natural paper with hand torn edges. With elopements, there usually aren't a lot of keepsakes like in a traditional wedding, so being able to keep your wedding vows, something that is so personal and precious to this moment is a detail I love to offer.

Handmade wedding vows and hair greenery at Eklutna Tail Race Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Pastor David Dahms officiated the service. I always jump at a chance to work with him. He is very passionate about what he does and like me, spends time getting to know a couple to write a personalized service.

David Dahms winter elopement at Eklutna Tail race Alaska
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Winter styled Alaska elopement with triangle arch
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

After the ceremony, Alicia and Weston celebrated with cake and champagne. I used trunks and suitcases as their table as a nod toward their love of travel. Through the design process, Alicia mentioned that she was leaning toward a Viking theme.

When working with themes, I try to not take it to literal (unless that is truly what the couple wants.) Instead I try to find hints of that idea. And then I also try to keep in mind that the event is taking place in Alaska, so having a sense of place and is important. If you are eloping to Alaska, it should also represent Alaska as well.

When I think of the Vikings I think of a fierce people group that lived off the land. They hunted and fished and used everything, so I suggested incorporating furs and antlers from animals we actually have in Alaska, so I incorporated moose and caribou hides and antlers. At the suggestion of using furs, Alicia got so excited and told me to bring ALL THE FURS! That's when I knew she was my girl and we were going to have a lot of fun putting this together.

Mini cake for two, Alaska Elopement with cake
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

I love this little cake topper they found that incorporates their love of playing Pokemon Go together! Even these small little details keep speaking to their story.

Snowy winter Alaska elopement, sweet heart table with cake service
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Snowy, Alaska styled winter elopement with cake service
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

This is just such a small detail that you probably wouldn't notice if I didn't point it out.

Alicia is actually a map maker for her employment. So on all of their printed materials I put the map coordinates for their updated location since they aren't familiar with the area. In the future if they ever wanted to return, the information is all there for them to find their special spot again. Alicia noticed this tiny detail right away and appreciated it!

Winter elopement styled with Nordic, Viking design
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Snow river elopement, Bride with dark and dramatic make up and big bridal bouquet
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

Cut the cake in the wilds of Alaska with styled elopement with sweet heart table set up
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

After they enjoyed their little mini cake and champagne reception, Weston and Alicia headed out with Hannah to get additional photos in the area and had a lot of creative fun with smoke bombs! I just love these!

smoke bombs for romantic Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Relic Photographic

"This was the best possible experience I could have had with a wedding planner for my adventure elopement.
From the moment I contacted Rebecca at La Boum Events, she went out of her way to make our special day better than even imagined. She listened to my wild and complicated ideas of a beautiful setting, somehow brought them all together and staged everything so we could see how it might look. She coordinated with our photographer and added in special touches at my request. She even handled a delivery of some special props.
I felt so relaxed on our wedding day and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. She was worth every penny and more!"
- Alicia



Elopement planner: Rebecca with La Boum Events

Florist: Tina, Wild Poppy Ak

Photographer: Relic Photographic

Cake: Midnight Sun Cakery

Make Up Artist - Kelly Sweeney

Hair - Amber Molen

I hope I have inspired you to have your very own Alaska elopement with a styled sweet heart table so you can enjoy some wedding traditions like cake and champagne. A Nordic or Viking styling is always fun and looks great in the Alaska landscape. I want nothing less for you than to be able to relax and enjoy an intimate Alaska elopement with your heart wide open so you can focus on each other.

Learn about our styled Alaska elopements with a sweet heart table to enjoy some wonderful wedding traditions worth keeping here:

To book me for your elopement by filling out our CONTACT form to get started.

xoxo - Rebecca .



Hey there! I am Rebecca Kopperud, a born and bred Alaskan, as well as the owner and chief designer behind La Boum Events.

Are you thinking about eloping? Good! I think eloping is incredibly romantic and brave. It is throwing out the rule book, and putting the focus back on the two of you, where it belongs. Eloping is a movement that has been growing over the past few years. For many, it is a decision that corrects a host of issues presented by the wedding industry, and allows for a genuine celebration of a big life moment. As a wedding planner I don’t want to be a part of the problem, I want to be a part of the solution. And I want to support you.

I have been in business offering unique elopements in Alaska for years, long before it became popular. We have developed sought after industry connections, and a quality of service that is unsurpassed. You simply won’t find a one-size-fits-all elopement here. Everything truly is about you, and your special day.

We take on a limited amount of clients, so we can focus on personalization and quality. We offer a completely unique, unbundled experience so you can have exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do.

Does this resonate with you? To learn more about our elopement services for couples, fill out our COUPLE ONLY ELOPEMENT INQUIRY FORM to get started.


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