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Romantic Winter Ceremony with Ice Falls and Vintage Touches

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Oh! Are you ready for the sweetest couple on earth? This Alaska winter elopement was so dreamy, and these lovers were so adorable.

Beware! Photo overload. I just couldn't choose. Erica Rose did it again, and delivered the best, most stunning gallery. There are so many gorgeous, vintage, and romantic touches to this elopement - and they all need to be shared!

Alaska snowy winter elopement with ice falls
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography @erosephoto

Let me introduce you to Alysia and Avery. First of all, they WORK AT DISNEY WORLD in Florida! That has to be the coolest job (outside of being a wedding planner!) When they aren't working, they love to travel and travel to places they have never been.

I hear that from a lot of couples! They want to travel to some place unique, and how unique is Alaska? Oh and why don't we elope while we are there? Why don't you....

I love her Mickey-Mouse diamond earrings. I pretty much love it every time clients weave their personal story into their day, even in subtle little nods.

Anchorage, Alaska elopement make up and hair artists
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

I picked up their wedding flowers and a petite wedding cake in Anchorage. I delivered them fresh that morning to where the couple was staying.

This bouquet was so soft and romantic with the lush roses and blush ribbon. Natasha with Paper Peony, did a stunning job. The naked cake from Ardy's Cakes looked so divine! (Had a hard time handing it over, I wanted some!) It was dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling, brushed with vanilla buttercream on the outside. With just a few extra sprigs to match their wedding flowers. Yum!

Alaska snowy winter elopement with gorgeous blush roses and vintage styled bridal bouquet
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Alaska rustic and vintage elopement cake, naked cake with blush roses
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

The getting ready time is so special. For so many couples, this is the first time we ever meet in person. Sometimes I work with client's for a year or more. We talk on the phone, get into personal details, but this is the moment where we become friends and get to finally connect!

Here I am delivering some items to Alysia. I love how easily she smiled on her wedding day! Because that is what eloping is all about. Having an easy day, full of smiles.

Style forward clients eloping to Alaska, getting ready wedding photos
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

First looks are a super romantic option for many couples. It may sound old fashioned to wait to see each other in your wedding clothes till the wedding day - but honestly, it is so sweet.

I encourage you to work with your elopement planner (pick me!) to write a timeline for your elopement that savors the day. Take it slow.

Truly, this is what eloping is all about. Moments between two people. Real intimacy. No false pretense. No pressure. Just enjoy each other.

I love how sincere Alysia's expression is here! Their love for each other was so true and pure. You could just feel it in the air. With the light powdery snow, everything was just that much more beautiful.

Snowy winter Alaska elopement, bush plane location backdrop
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Snowy, Alaska winter elopement with super cub backdrop, prop
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

There are so many picturesque locations within Anchorage and within a short drive from the city. This is one of my favorite locations with all of the bush planes for a very Alaskan backdrop.

Snowy, winter Alaska elopement, vintage super cub at Lake Hood
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

From their first look location, it was a longer drive, with a small hike out to the ceremony location.

Snowy, winter Alaska elopement in Girdwood
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Alysia and Avery wanted a religious service, so we connected them with a local pastor, Pastor Dahms. He is such a thoughtful and kind person, he even brought snow shoes with him to help tromp down a trail out to the ceremony location.

I just have to take a moment to crush on Alysia's dress. Her blush wedding dress on the fresh snow is what winter elopement dreams are made of!

Beautiful elopement in Girdwood, Alaska. Elope to Alaska
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Snowy, winter Alaska elopement. Blush wedding dress in snow
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Adventure elopement in Alaska, stylish couple with vintage flair
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

After the ceremony, make it a celebration and toast to love! We have a collection of new and vintage toasting glasses for couples. Bring your own champagne or order local beer, wine or cider and we will pick it up and have it cold for you on site so you can toast to love!

This is my favorite photo from 2020!

Snowy winter Alaska elopement, with vintage toasting glasses
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

"We eloped" sign by La Boum Events, elopement planner
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

We provide a beautiful heirloom marriage certificate on natural, hand torn paper for an elegant keepsake.

heirloom marriage certificate, natural, hand torn paper, Alaska
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

These kids from Florida where not use to the snow! So glad they got to play! The joy on their faces!

Simple and scenic ceremony in nature with high quality photographer
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Alaska winter elopement with frozen water fall, ice fall
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography

Snowy winter elopement with frozen waterfall
photo credit: Erica Rose Photography @erosephoto

Snowy, winter Alaska elopement
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography @erosephoto

Alaska winter elopement, snow and icy frozen water falls
Photo credit: Erica Rose Photography @erosephoto



Elopement planner: Rebecca with La Boum Events

Florist: Natasha, Paper Peony

Cake: Ardy's Cakes

I hope I have inspired you to embrace a winter, snowy elopement. Relax and enjoy an intimate Alaska elopement with your heart wide open. Learn more about how we can tailor a winter ceremony just for you with our Scenic Ceremony planning services.

To book me fill out our CONTACT form to get started.

xoxo - Rebecca .



Hey there! I am Rebecca Kopperud, a born and bred Alaskan, as well as the owner and chief designer behind La Boum Events.

Are you thinking about eloping? Good! I think eloping is incredibly romantic and brave. It is throwing out the rule book, and putting the focus back on the two of you, where it belongs. Eloping is a movement that has been growing over the past few years. For many, it is a decision that corrects a host of issues presented by the wedding industry, and allows for a genuine celebration of a big life moment. As a wedding planner I don’t want to be a part of the problem, I want to be a part of the solution. And I want to support you.

I have been in business offering unique elopements in Alaska for years, long before it became popular. We have developed sought after industry connections, and a quality of service that is unsurpassed. You simply won’t find a one-size-fits-all elopement here. Everything truly is about you, and your special day.

We take on a limited amount of clients, so we can focus on personalization and quality. We offer a completely unique, unbundled experience so you can have exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do.

Does this resonate with you? To learn more about our elopement services for couples, fill out our COUPLE ONLY ELOPEMENT INQUIRY FORM to get started.


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