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Meet Rebecca Kopperud

Photo credit: Chelsa J Photography

Tell us who you are?

Hey there! I am Rebecca Kopperud, a born and bred Alaskan as well as the owner and chief designer behind La Boum Events. I love fashion. I travel as often as possible. I am a total goofball and a small business owner.

Whether you are a loyal reader or just stumbled across today's blog post, you might know me from "Plan Like a Pro" segments on Channel 2 KTUU Morning Edition, or maybe we ran into each other at an event or farmer's market, or maybe we have never met! Either way, thank you for reading.

How did you get started planning events?

While originally from Kodiak Island, I got my start in event planning when I moved to Chicago, IL where I went to seminary to become a minister of all things. I was super naive with lots of pie in the sky ideals. I have always been an idealist and a dreamer.  Living in the inner city, blocks away from one of the roughest housing projects in the city really changed me.  I could seriously write a book about getting chased with a baseball bat and another time, I chased a guy down to apprehend my friend’s purse.  But this is a blog post and not a book, so what I will say is that I learned that full time ministry was not for me. Not because I am not pastoral, but because I really dislike writing sermons and I am not meant to teach.  I am meant to do.  

I love mediating conflict.  I love organizing events whether it is a spiritual retreat, a rally, or a party. I love dreaming big with people and then taking that dream and breaking it down into bite size actionable steps with excel spreadsheets and color coded notes and a written plan. 

So after stumbling through several career paths, including being a felony probation officer and working for a former Alaska governor, I FINALLY realized what all of these careers had in common and what I was really good at.  Which turns out is organizing and planning events.  So I went for it and opened my own business in 2012.   And I never looked back.  La Boum Events is not the business I first started and each year I learn something new and become a little bit better. A little bit more refined and a little bit smarter. I make mistakes, but I believe in working hard.  Very hard.  And I enjoy what I do. 

Why event planning?

My dad tells this story about me as a kid. During a parent teacher conference all of the other school kids had to create a diorama about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most kids wanted to be cowboys, astronauts or a ballerina. Not me. I wanted to be a "planner." Instead of playing with my toys, I liked to organize them by color or height. I loved to organize local kids to put on plays and fashion shows.

While I have always been very detailed, I am so highly creative. I love painting and crafts. My creative right brain which fell in love with glue sticks and spray paint at an early age always played nice with my organized left brain. With these two distinct, yet cohesive parts of me, I am able to design and execute the most intricately designed weddings and events Alaska has yet seen. I challenge myself with every client to provide the one-of-a-kind event that we are known for.

What is your favorite drink?

Start the day with black coffee and end the day with champagne

Photo credit: Chelsa J Photography

What is the meaning behind the name La Boum Events?

"La Boum" is French slang for "the party!" I was looking for a name that reflected my love of french culture, my bubbly personality and above all, my love for entertaining. La Boum Events was born and we absolutely took off planning Alaska's best weddings and celebrations.

What is one of your proudest moments for your business?

My love of big event style and hard working passion has had me on KTUU Channel 2's Morning Edition “Plan Like a Pro” party planning segment for a couple of years. Not everyone can say that!

What are you most passionate about?

Getting it right! I especially love working with fun couples or companies that are looking to tell their personal story in the event they host. I am super passionate about creating an authentic experience. If my client is going to go to all of the expense to throw an event, then it better be a true reflection of my client, their style, tastes, and interests. I spend a lot of time getting the personal details right. I want people's guest experience to feel effortless with impeccable hospitality. I love it when my clients come in and feel right at home.

What is your favorite moment during an event?

My favorite part of the day is when I get the chance to show my client's the event space before guests come in. The jaw dropping wow on their face carries me through all the hard work!

Photo credit: Chelsa J Photography

What do you do in your spare time?

I am married to a man who makes me laugh and never bores me.  We have a small urban farm close to downtown Palmer, Alaska, where we are raising our four kids. We live a fairly subsistence lifestyle by growing a lot of our own food, through hunting and fishing, and even making our own homemade wine! My work life might seem like all sparkles and sequins, and parties, but in reality, my life is about getting up early, working extra long hours, and trying to squeeze in time with my family, while juggling a small business.  

It is hard work. Every minute of it. But it is creative and it is what I was meant to do.   So I absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way. 

It was a pleasure getting to share a slice of my life with you! Look forward to seeing you at our consultation!

To book me fill out our CONTACT form to get started.

xoxo - Rebecca .

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